Ryan Biel - General Manager           Gilbert Olivares -Assistant Manager                Walter Biel - Owner

Our Staff is here to help and to keep you safe!  If there is anything we can do ensure that your visit with us is a pleasant experience, please let us know.

​- ​A metal recycling yard can be a dangerous place (especially for children).  Please keep your children in your vehicle at all times.​
- Do NOT climb on any piles (as these could shift at any time).
​- Listen to our staff, as they can and will direct you to the proper place for the metals that you are recycling. By ensuring metals are recycled in their proper place, and free from non-recyclable materials, we can help to ensure that we continue to pay highly competitive rates. 

Please do not discard any trash, plastic, or foreign debris into our metal piles.  This adds a considerable amount of effort for us to remove, so that everything can be recycled properly.